Starting out, looking for an internship, re-thinking prior choices, building your career or wanting to try something on your own? Whatever your age or stage, let the Career Development Office help you achieve your career goals!

The Career Development Office facilitates and assists graduates in realizing their career dreams. It helps students and alumni to find lucrative career opportunities and bring them together with the business community. The office also serves as a platform for the linkage of academia and industry and bridges the gap between them. CDO offers many career planning and development activities such as internship and job leads, career counseling, on-campus hiring, resume writing and interviewing skills workshops, etc. The objective is to equip the students with the tools and resources to market their education and abilities. The department helps students in exploring, focusing, and pursuing their career goals.

Our professional, friendly and helpful staff provides access to the necessary resources and helps the graduates in gaining the skills required for identifying career opportunities and taking advantage of them. Our graduates gain a wealth of skills and a competitive edge that remain with them throughout their lives. GIFT graduates have the expertise to succeed and the ability to adapt to new opportunities and changing circumstances. Indeed, GIFT graduates have an impressive track record of success in the career market and a reputation for excellence.

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