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Education is the pillar upon which advanced societies are built. To give strength to that pillar it is vital to focus on the quality of education. Without quality the pillar becomes a weak foundation and weakens everything built upon it. In Pakistan, we have a number of such weak pillars. While there are innumerable institutes that impart education, there are only handfuls that have focused on quality of education. However, GIFT University has focused on strengthening that basic pillar of education, and establishing a foundation upon which students can hope to fulfill their aspirations and build a secure and prosperous future.

Owing to its emphasis on quality of education, GIFT University has become one of the premier destinations for students. Within a short time span, it has been successful in winning the trust of students as well as the industry. This rating is evidence of our resolve to deliver only the very best to our students. The university campus has been well planned and is spread over 40 acres of land. The infrastructure is top notch and includes all facilities that one would expect from a modern university, including air-conditioned lecture theatres equipped with modern teaching aids, a well-resourced library, 4 design studios, a research and development center, seminar hall, IT facilities, discussion rooms, resource center, cafeterias, hostels, mosque and much more.

The modern infrastructure helps create a comfortable learning environment which enables students to focus their energies on their course of study. The curriculum at GIFT University has been carefully selected after deliberations with leading experts who have decades of experience in their respective fields. While theoretical training has been given prime focus, it has been fortified with several initiatives aimed at giving students practical exposure to what they are studying. Case methodology of teaching, seminars, industry visits and internships take education out of the classroom and into the practical sphere.

The courses at GIFT University are very career oriented and aimed at honing the skills of students with learning that will be of practical use in the real workplace. The quality of education is vitally dependent upon the resources that are employed to train and prepare students for the challenges of a career. In this respect, GIFT University has employed some of the very best, instructors and lecturers. The faculty has been meticulously selected to include seasoned professionals from around the country with decades of experience in their respective subjects. In addition to this, various visiting faculty members from the industry enrich the students learning experience with insights gathered from years of practical experience in an actual work environment.

To add more value to the learning experience of students, GIFT University regularly organizes seminars and invites industry experts to share their knowledge with students and give them a first-hand glimpse of how the industry and businesses operate. GIFT University maintains a close liaison with the industry including the Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gujranwala Business Center, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, SMEDA, NPO and a number of other organizations. By actively engaging with the industry, GIFT University aids students in enlisting for internships or getting job placements.

The growing student strength is evidence of the quality of instruction at GIFT University. It is not only becoming the first choice of students, it is also an institute that is highly recommended by students to their friends and peers. This is a glowing tribute to the high standards that GIFT University has upheld and we will continue striving to live up to the expectations of students, the industry and the country.

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